Asphalt is the made by combining liquid asphalt, a byproduct from refining natural petroleum crude oil, and crushed gravel, sand or stone (aggregate).

United Materials produces hot and cold-mix asphalt. Hot-mix asphalt is the form of asphalt that is mixed at one of United Materials’ two hot mix plants, transported to the roadway in dump trucks, placed using a paver, and compacted with steel-wheel or rubber-tired rollers. Hot-mix asphalt is the medium used for final surfacing of transportation (roads, runways, parking lots), recreation (playgrounds, bicycle paths, running tracks, tennis courts), agriculture (barn floors, greenhouse floors), industrial (landfill caps, work sites), and building construction (floorings). Cold-mix asphalt is a combination of unheated mineral aggregates and emulsified asphalt binders which can be plant-mixed or mixed-on-location. We are a supplier of EZ Street cold-mix asphalt, which is used for permanent patching. We also provide traditional cold-mix asphalt, which is used for temporary patching.